Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunny: the death of a pet

Author: Judith E. Greenberg and Helen H. Carey

Type or emotional/crisis issue(s) addressed: Death

Year of Publication: 1986

Publisher & Location: Franklin Watts New York


Target Age Level: Elementary

# of Pages: 32

Quality of Illustrations: Old Black and white pictures

Brief Summary:

Bill is scared when his dog Sunny gets sick, but after her death a new puppy helps him stop grieving.

Personal Comments/Biases, and/or Things to Consider When Using This Book With Children:

The book is not adequate for a school curriculum on death. It does not enlighten children about the joys of pets, nor does it help to deal with death. It just notes death as a sad event. The book is simplistic, cool, and poorly written, reading like a "Dick and Jane" reader. It just basicly tells kids to move on and get a new dog.


Have kids draw picture of their favorite things they liked to do with their pets.

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